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Resort Real Estate Development 

At Fractional Strategies, we bring years of experience and expertise to support your real estate development project. Our core competencies are focused on marketing and sales of your real estate development, but our industry knowledge encompasses development conception to completion.

Unparalleled Experience

Our 30 plus years and 20 successful project developments in the resort real estate industry has provided us with the experience to avoid costly mistakes that are often made by less experienced consulting firms.

What We Do

Conceptual Planning

In the earliest stages of your development we assist you in establishing direction with focus on concept creation and envisioning. We remain focused on your short and long term project goals while creating a comprehensive plan.

  • Overall development plan
  • Project scope
  • Demographic targeting
  • Establish club concept
  • Acquire development partnerships
  • Establish short & long term project goals

Pro-Forma and Budget Development

Our track record, with 20 successful projects, has helped us to understand the intricacies that will ensure a profitable development. Our past experience and established partnerships give us the expertise to develop accurate costing to bring your project at the projected budget.

  • Establish feasibility of project
  • Create development timeline
  • Initial pro-forma to determine viability
  • Ongoing pro-forma development
  • Establish accurate project costing
  • Develop marketing & sales budgets
  • Establish absorption schedule

Design and Modeling

Designing successful projects requires a keen eye. We understand building layout, flow, unit sizing/designation and unit matrix. We assist in designing an efficient structure to maximize profitability.

  • Secure architectural firm for project
  • Assist in creation of efficient building design
  • Guide the creation of logical, ergonomic and salable unit types
  • Establish amenities, services and club concept
  • Establish the development theme and aesthetics

Sales and Marketing

We develop and implement marketing campaigns to ensure the sellout of your project. Many of our past projects, with sales volume of over $40 million, have sold out in less than 3 years. We create project awareness from the very beginning, build momentum and capitalize using event marketing strategies. We continue to build credibility with buyers and provide an experience throughout the sales process that is relationship-driven with high ethical standards.

  • Staff recruitment, training and management
  • Administrative structuring and reporting
  • Sale office design and construction management
  • Website design, creation and management
  • Website search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Collateral design and production
  • Digital marketing, social media and integration of the latest web technologies
  • Non-digital marketing and advertising campaign creation and execution
  • Lead generation and database management
  • Whisper campaign
  • Event marketing and sales launch

Legal and Financing

Having developed 8 approved offering plans in five different states, we have the knowledge and templates to create offering plans that are time tested and will be quickly approved by government agencies. We can provide assistance in obtaining project funding and financing for your purchasers.

  • Offering plan development and approval
  • Development of purchase and sale agreement
  • HOA structure and management agreement
  • Project funding relationships and negotiations
  • Establish end loan financing with local lenders

Closings and Resales

Our comprehensive administrative structure provides a solid framework to implement a mass closing quickly and efficiently when construction is completed. Our efficient and proven closing process will pay down construction loans quickly, saving considerable loan interest costs. At project sellout, we can structure a resale program for continued project absorption, maintaining the value of your resale inventory.

  • Solid Administrative structure and management of the closing process
  • Develop a mass closing plan with local law firms
  • Efficiently organize and execute the closing process to reduce loan interest
  • Provide highest closing rates through relationship selling and pricing strategies
  • Develop and implementation of a resale program

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